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Empowerment Time Limited is a business that recently established itself on the international market and that has a particular focus on wellness and the quality of life.

Empowerment Time ltd was founded to provide a better response to the needs, curiosities and desires of customers and assist them in their journey of growth and development.

Our Company’s mission is to accompany people in their everyday lives, with a view to continuous growth and development that is particularly attentive to a concept of wellness that encompasses all the areas of interest required to attain the desired goals.

Coaching Empowerment

Are you going through a particular moment in your life and hope for a change?

What we mean by coaching

Coaching EmpowermentWith the term coaching we mean a particular theoretical and practical orientation that makes use of transversal or specific skills, in order to acquire adequate awareness of the situation and to be able to act to change it.

Wellness Empowerment

Taking care of yourself and allowing others…to take care of you!

Wellness EmpowermentWellness means “well-being” and well-being means feeling good mentally, physically and spiritually.

In modern societies, the concept of Wellness is normally also extended to include people’s physical and financial aspects. The new technologies that are used can help to facilitate wellness, but they can also lead to personal stress and various ailments.

On the other hand, the enormous focus on wellness that has developed recently has not only allowed growth in important sectors, including those closely linked to tourism, but has also enabled a gradual and interesting increase in individual and social development.

Security Empowerment

This broad concept of wellness necessarily includes services in various essential areas of interest, such as health, work, security and leisure.

Home and Business Security Wellness

Security EmpowermentOur space (or territory) must then be divided into domestic and public, since defined borders such as gates, fences and doors, together with law regulations, allow us to have all distances quite clear; but what happens from a psychological point of view in public spaces and in other environments, such as that of work?
Empowerment Time Limited dedicates the many assets and services visible on this website to care and health, work and leisure, which can be found in the appropriate areas of the menu.