Home Security Wellness

Empowerment Time Company has developed a unique service for individuals in the Home Security Wellness sector.

What behaviours should be adopted during home intrusions related to burglary, robbery and assault?

Home Security Wellness : our Company is proud to provide you with expertise and experience to ensure the customised services necessary for your safety and that of your loved ones.

Home Security Wellness

A trusted manager will be instructed to personally evaluate your actuals needs in relation to your requirements. More specifically, we will identify any weaknesses and strengths contingent to your both personal and logistical situation in reference to your building. At your request, the consultancy can also be extended to the working environment, your route to work or your children’s journey between the home and school.

Home Security Wellness

Examples of some aspects that we will help you assess and manage more efficiently and effectively:

– what attitudes to adopt when you leave and return to your home;

– what steps to take when you are not at home for business or holidays;

– how to behave in certain situations, such as when you are at home and you hear suspicious noises;

– what attitudes to adopt in extreme situations with strangers in the house;

– how to behave in the time period between an alarm being tripped and the intervention of the security forces.

The Empowerment Time Company specialises in providing a complete personal service at your home. Following a your brief, an inspection will be made of your home, which will only take up one working day of your time.

During the day-long meeting, we will address the following together:

– psychological aspects;

– technical and logistical aspects;

– lessons in basic techniques for self-defence;

– specific mental exercises adapted to the various possible situations.

At your request, it is also possible to extend this service for a period of two consecutive days, so you can absorb the advice and techniques we propose in an even more satisfactory manner.

How much is this exclusive service?

The Home Security Wellness service is assessed case by case on an individual basis.

If you send us an email at info@okempowerment.com you will receive a free customised quote based on the actual travel expenses and the specific type of housing in question.

An added value:

Customers who have used the H.S.W. service benefit from free access to initial psychological support following any unpleasant event that may befall them, even if it falls outside the context evaluated by the expert.