Job Coaching – Business Consultancy

Job Coaching and Business Consultancy

The role of the coach within the working area has grown, expanding the possible applications of traditional and innovative methods and models used by this particular professional figure.

Unlike sports coaching, which has seen an increase in the scope of the different types of sport involved but basically no change to the intention of finding the ideal tools for achieving the usual targets, in job coaching in general and business consulting in particular the requirements to improve performance and knowledge in order to achieve the desired goals have definitely been updated and multiplied.

In practice, job coaching basically involves accompanying the individual towards the highest possible returns, enhancing their qualities and potential through particular tools, which are sometimes innovative and other times traditional and historic, allowing them to develop, identify and achieve their own goals, strengthening their positive features and performance.

It is important to remember that in job coaching the real goal is to allow the people concerned to get to know themselves, improve themselves and meet business goals, understanding, maintaining and learning to use the new resources and skills acquired, not only independently but also aware that in reality they all inherent and helpful to themselves and to their environment.

The following are some of the main areas of interest and topics within which Empowerment Time Ltd Company offers its unique expertise in relation to Job Coaching and Business Consultancy:

Professional coaching to develop and improve human and professional skills, in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness, and therefore the productivity and quality of the goods and services provided, in a perspective of total quality that is constantly attentive to individual wellbeing.

Consulting and training in the field of human resources with new models specially encoded for self-empowerment aimed at achieving self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-control, decision-making skills and problem solving.

Achieving objectives, in particular in the short term with new effective organisational models.

Specific training for managers: Orientation – Selection – Human Resources Development

Verbal and non-verbal communication, also mediated by computers.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) at a basic and higher level, with the specific aid of hypnotic induction techniques

Company climate

Company culture


Control and management of stress

Control and management of anxiety



Job Coaching and Business Consultancy

Specific psychophysical exercises with a Eastern influences have been encoded within the empowerment model of reference for dealing with:

– individual adaptation to various work environments

– tiredness

– boredom

– causes of irritation

– discontent

– restlessness

– fatigue due to bad postures and movements.

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