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Who is life coach

Life coach has a very particular curriculum. They are professionals involved in a broad sector, in which people are given expert and professional advice in their main areas of interest, such as health and wellness, sports, work or leisure. By primarily adopting an alternative approach to that of traditional models and guidelines, they have the important advantage of greater freedom in their field of activity.

Are you passing through an important moment in life and hopeful for change?

Are you concerned about your health and wellness?

Are you interested in complementary and alternative solutions to traditional methods?

Do you want to improve your performance in sport, work and personal life?

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What they do

Anyone can have a life coach, but they are normally consulted by adults who feel the need for change at a certain point in their lives. The need or desire for this change can arise from difficult moments or situations. These include times when, despite experiencing fulfilment in your life, you feel the need to increase your energy, knowledge and abilities in relation to new and more ambitious growth and development goals.

How it works

Life coaches have a wide range of approaches and methods at their disposal. The use of multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural models is often part of a perceptive holistic vision of the human-nature system, with specific focus on natural remedies and solutions.

Dr. Renzo Rustichelli, born in Turin in 1964

Graduated from the Faculty of Psychology, University of Turin

Life Coach and Martial Arts Master

Author of several books and of empowerment model diepora

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