Owner Manager Skills – Job Coaching


Owner Manager Skills – Job Coaching

Who is this service aimed and what does it consist of?

Within the Owner Manager field, the Empowerment Time Ltd. Company accompanies entrepreneurs active in their own business, helping them achieve the highest possible return.

The Job Coaching service for Owner Managers aims to make the most of the participants’ quality and potential (through innovative and traditional search and action tools) by strengthening the characteristics necessary and appropriate for different situations.

These are the support and activation energies for “empowerment change” in personal and corporate growth, or resources for support in any moments of crisis and difficulty.

It is important to remember that in job coaching the real goal is to ensure that the person involved improves their performance and achieves the desired goals, understands and learns to use new resources and skills acquired with coaching, not only independently but also aware that in reality they all inherent and helpful to themselves and to their environment.

Therefore, in order to be remembered and extended to all the roles and duties of the work area, a strategic coaching philosophy is particularly essential and vital for the primary category of those who create, offer and seek jobs.

In summary … by topic

Job Coaching – online and traditional shadowing:

Self control, decision-making and problem solving skillsAchieving contingent and realistic objectivesEgo and Equilibrium, as strengths

Verbal and non-verbal communication, also mediated by computers

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and hypnotic induction

Control and management of stress

Control and management of anxiety and fears


Company climate

Company culture


Contact methods and costs

The exclusivity and uniqueness of this service does not allow prior analysis and estimates.

If you make initial contact via email to your address info@okempowerment.com we will contact you as soon as possible.

Those who wish to contact the Director of the Company, or those who it feel it appropriate to do so for personal reasons, can write to Dr. Renzo Rustichelli at the following email address: director@okempowerment.com