Secrets for Students – Pre-Examination Anxiety

Pre-Examination Anxiety, written and oral exams, contests and tests?

Pre-Examination Anxiety : even if you have studied, your emotions can play strange tricks on you!

We always have “emotions”… we live with them… be they positive or negative…

Get to know your emotions from the very outset, turn them around and use them “creatively” in your favour, in order to achieve your desired goals!

Distress and Anxiety are undoubtedly negative emotional experiences that kick in when we are faced with situations of uncertainty… but that can also prove to be positive!

Relief is that emotion we experience when a stressful situation has been resolved.

Smile and have some fun doing this simple exercise:

Distress, Pre-Examination Anxiety, Relief they’re like the names of friends of ours who are either likeable or unlikeable to us; repeat them out loud two or three times, in a momentary and new “playful” dimension.

It will help to free your mind, ease the tensions and to assess the emotions differently.

– You don’t feel you’ve studied enough?

– You don’t think you’ll pass?

– Are you agitated?

– Pre-Examination anxiety?

– Is your pass on the line?

– A summer swotting?

– You’re looking to avoid catch-up courses?

Pre-Examination Anxiety

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We know that:

– communication techniques

– memory strategies

– knowing about the mechanisms of the mind…

can help you but they need more time than you actually have to learn about them!

Exams in life never end!

Do you want to learn once and for allhow to take any Pre-Examination Anxiety serenely, to strengthen your personality and also boost your self-esteem?

Find out how IMMEDIATELY : here’s your “secret” technique!


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