Symbols and Colours


Our Logo

This is the official Empowerment Time logo. It has a distinctive seven-sided shape inspired by British coins and features a star that illuminates the company name as it rises upwards in a harmonious flow, set against a background of varying shades of blue.

The steps of the staircase

The steps symbolically represent a gradual rise in individual and social development. One of the main characteristics of a flight of stairs is its gradual nature, as seen in the progressive ascent of the steps, allowing longer or shorter pauses between one level and the next. The helical shape represents a spiral of further specific interest, with hypnotic appeal.



This is the colour of the sky and the sea, capable of a vast range of shades and variations, from a light, almost transparent hue revealing what lies ahead, to a dark, intense blue from which nothing emerges. The colour blue is indefinable and changeable, like the human psyche.



This is the colour of origins and future, as well as transition from one dimension to another. It is the colour of the snow on the world’s highest mountain peaks, of high wispy clouds and of a brand new page in our hands… neutral, blank and ready to be filled.


The Hourglass

The hourglass represents the passing of time and reminds us how precious it is down to the last grain, especially when filled with gold instead of sand.When we turn it over, the awareness that what has passed is gone forever merges with other important considerations : first, the possibility of intervening to constantly start afresh and, not less significant, the active participation in the continuous and regular flow of life, represented here by time!


The Star

Aside from the star featured in its official logo, Empowerment Time also uses a five-pointed star for its golden rules. This is an important reference to the star drawn by Pythagoras and immortalised by Leonardo Da Vinci in his representation of the Vitruvian Man. It is inscribed within an invisible circle to express the quintessential pinnacle on the scale of values and experiences and corresponds to spiritual energy.



This is the solar and eternal colour par excellence, which gives light and warmth to each day. It symbolises material and spiritual enrichment.


Gold is universally regarded as the symbol of wealth and perfection and is an ideal representation of the fruit of research, again both material and spiritual.