Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions : Read carefully all the conditions governing the sale and supply of products and services through our website www.okempowerment.com


ART. 01 : Validity of the Contract between User and Empowerment Time Limited

These conditions govern the sale and supply of products and services from Empowerment Time Limited end User. The order sent by the User implies the acceptance by the latter of these conditions of sale. Empowerment Time Limited may change these conditions at any time by amending this page.

There is no commitment between User and Empowerment Time Limited until when Empowerment Time Limited has not sent to the User an email confirming receipt of the order and its acceptance.


ART. 02 : Prices and Terms of Payment

Billing is payable by the company Empowerment Time Limited

The prices of products and services of the Empowerment Time Limited are clearly indicated on the website and are inclusive of UK VAT. For products and services in the English language, the currency is the British Pound; for products and services in Italian language, the reference currency is the Euro.

For products in digital format will not be charged shipping costs. For all other any products or services will prevail on the manner indicated on the respective page of sale.

Payment for the products will be made through PayPal. The financial data of the customer are not managed by the company Empowerment Time Limited but directly and exclusively by the company PayPal.


ART. 03 : Products and How to Download

Before purchasing a product, the Customer must verify the format compatibility with your device. The products are available in the format shown on the sales page of each product published on the site www.okempowerment.com

Once you have placed the order, the Customer will receive a confirmation email (Art. 01) that contains your contact information, the data relating to the purchase and a link from which to download the purchased item. In case of material in digital format, this can be downloaded at any time from the site www.okempowerment.com, for a limited number of 2 downloads.


ART. 04 : Guarantees and Returns

The Right of Withdrawal is NOT provided on the following products :

– audiovisual products (eg, audio/video courses)

– files downloaded via internet or sent via email address (eg, ebook)

– products tailored to the needs of the user


ART. 05 : Additional Conditions

In addition, and for the parties to the conflict, replacing the above conditions, products and services of Empowerment Time Limited are also subject to the following conditions.

The products, including all parts thereof, are protected by copyright law. The User when download product accepts all the conditions laid down below.

You are granted a license to use the productsand services so specified in accordance with:

1) User is authorized to store digital copies of the product on your PC, or other media always pertaining to them, through the download. It is not allowed to keep no copies of the product (or parts of it) on the network, where it could be used by multiple devices at the same time;

2) User is authorized to make use exclusively for personal purposes (study and research) and non-commercial use of the product. In particular, user is authorized to make prints of the product (or parts of it) but always and only for personal purposes;

3) the User is not authorized to send to third parties (by any means, including fax, e-mail or otherwise) digital or hard copy of the product (or part of it);

4) no modification, translation, adaptation of all or part of the product and/or its use for inclusion in the miscellaneous, collections, or other derivative works;

5) in no case the user acquires rights relating to the exploitation of the products;

6) User is not allowed to remove or delete protection systems related to the file, if any.


ART. 06 : Warranties

1) The company Empowerment Time Limited will not be liable in any way if the User is unable to use the product purchased for his error (eg, due to incompatibility of the format of the product with your own device).

2) If the User releases untrue statements during the registration process or filling out a purchase order, or in the event of non-compliance with the provisions of this contract, the same will be liable to pay for any damage suffered by the Company Empowerment Time Limited or that the Company is called upon to pay compensation to a third party.

3) The Company Empowerment Time Limited disclaims all liability for any injury to persons and/or property, arising from the use of the products disclosed and/or marketed on its website www.okempowerment.com

4) Consultations, advice, sharing of views, if any objects and/or any other kind of product and/or service being marketed and/or distributed by the Company Empowerment Time Limited, in any type of format, are to be considered as purely commercial purpose and/or social network.

5) The approaches used by the Company Empowerment Time Limited are multidisciplinary and intercultural nature and appeal to people physically healthy and capable of discernment. These approaches are therefore to be considered ideal for the strengthening of the immune system, the ability to self-healing, self-defense, strengthening and development of their potentialities latent even in a “self-empowerment”.

6) Therefore, there is no guarantee that the information given are effective for all individuals, who will be correctly interpreted by the latter, understood and acquired also in the appearance of the basic manual skills and experience required.

7) Specifically, the products and/or services marketed and/or distributed by the Company Empowerment Time Limited, CAN NOT and DO NOT WANT to replace the medical expertise and/or other health professionals and/or safety.

8) It is therefore at the discretion and responsibility of the Users Customers and/or Recipients, a proper and legal use of the products and/or services marketed and/or distributed by the Company Empowerment Time Limited.


ART. 07 : Jurisdiction

The Purchase Agreement entered into between the Customer and the Company Empowerment Time Limited is governed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom and any dispute is in the jurisdiction of the English Court.


ART. 08 : Information and Complaints

For further information or clarification on the conditions of sale of products, the User may contact the appropriate service via e-mail to info@okempowerment.com


ART. 09 : Privacy Policy

The Customer’s personal data are managed by Empowerment Time Limited as set out in the Privacy Policy page.


ART. 10 : Intellectual Property

Copyright of this website and its component parts, such as texts, pictures, logos or other items, belongs to Empowerment Time Limited.

Empowerment Time Limited only allow you to view this website in a personal and private capacity, not for public viewing.

Trademarks or other names appearing on this website are the property of Empowerment Time Limited or of its commercial partners. You are not authorised to reproduce them.