Training Manager – Job Coaching


Training Manager – Job Coaching

Who is this service aimed and what does it consist of?

In the specific area of the job coaching dedicated to management, the Empowerment Time Ltd Company accompanies the manager in their working and personal daily life.

Through specific empowerment models, some of which are innovative while others are traditional, it is possible to strengthen the characteristics most appropriate for increasing and enhancing the qualities and potential relating to the objectives to be achieved.

It is very important that managers who are interested in improving themselves and meeting business goals, whether male or female, understand, maintain and learn to use new resources and skills, not only independently, but also aware that in reality they are all inherent and helpful to themselves and to their environment.

Moreover, specific psychophysical exercises have been encoded within a specific empowerment model involving psychophysical exercises that are able to rebalance certain biorhythms that can be easily altered as a result of:

– adaptation to different working environments and the required flexibility

– tiredness

– causes of irritation

– discontent

– restlessness

– fatigue due to bad postures and movements

Main areas of interest:

Training Manager – Job Coaching

Professional coaching to develop and improve human and professional skills, in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness, and therefore the productivity and quality of the necessary performance in a perspective of total quality particularly attentive to individual wellbeing

Consulting and training within the area of human resources with specific models encoded to accompany the manager throughout their working and personal daily life

Achieving objectives, with new effective models of dynamic business organisation

Specific training on: self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-control, decision-making skills, problem solving

Verbal and non-verbal communication, also mediated by computers

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) at a basic and higher level, with the specific aid of hypnotic induction techniques

Company climate

Company culture


Control and management of stress

Control and management of anxiety



Training Manager – Job Coaching

Contact methods and costs

The service can be used in various ways: in a traditional manner, with intervention involving the presence of a consultant at your place of work or at another address indicated by you; or in a (totally or partially) mediated presence by means of remote technology.

If you send an email requesting information to we will reply as soon as possible to provide answers and clarifications regarding your specific requirements and our intervention procedures.

Although not always recommended, the use of computer-mediated consultancy models can result in an interesting compromise in regard to the quality of service/cost relationship.

The service charge will be proportionate to the reciprocal resources necessary to achieve the objectives set. After a careful analysis of your requirements has taken place, you will be given an estimate followed a formal letter of appointment for our Company.