Wellness : taking care of yourself and allowing others…to take care of you!

Wellness is a concept that is easy to understand and express… but what if we were asked for a broader definition of it? Perhaps even experts would need to pause for a few moments of thought, before beginning to talk about it… endlessly!

How to Overcome the Fear of Flying with Natural Remedies

fear of flying book wellnessInstructional images and videos, with comments and explanations by the author, will help you achieve your goals! Empowerment Time has developed a special interactive course for this type of phobia, including: 

– an 81 page e-book in pdf format;

– 14 exercises with several photographic illustrations for clear understanding;

– 2 autogenic training exercises;

– 4 useful exercises to learn breathing management;

– 1 exclusive mental role play exercise;

– a 15 minute psycho-physical exercise video.

You can learn to control your emotional state and you will know how to overcome the fear of flying, experiencing a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Wellness means “well-being” and well-being means feeling good mentally, physically and spiritually.
Smart Holiday : A Holiday Together with Your Life Coach

Inside, you will find an innovative method to start your fantastic “journey toward travelling“, so you can change the way you have your holiday but also your life, if you truly desire.

Once you master this method, it will be yours forever and you can use it whenever and share with whomever you want!

Would you like to know how to make the best use of your holiday, with the help of an expert life coach and transform it into a valuable resource to change your daily life?

With this e-book you will transform your performance levels enjoyably and rapidly, strengthening any weaknesses you may have and further increasing your strengths.


– A combination of knowledge, treatments and natural products adopted from various cultures;

– Proper nutrition and the corresponding diet;

– Various types of physical exercise;

– Psychophysical exercises;

– Massage techniques;

– Beauty Treatments;

– Relaxation techniques;

– Thermal spa therapy

and much more…

In modern societies, the concept of Wellness is normally also extended to include people’s physical and financial aspects. The new technologies that are used can help to facilitate wellness, but they can also lead to personal stress and various ailments.

On the other hand, the enormous focus on wellness that has developed recently has not only allowed growth in important sectors, including those closely linked to tourism, but has also enabled a gradual and interesting increase in individual and social development.

Wellness : Do You Know Your Emotional Profile?
Emotional Profile Wellness

A profile is normally an organised summary of the results obtained from the observation of behaviour or, more often, from the answers people give to a series of questions. For a broader overview, involving interviews, questionnaires and various level tests, Empowerment Time uses professional expertise to provide you with emotional profiling that, through just 35 questions, today can identify four potential character profiles for you.

Pre-Examination Anxiety, Written and Oral Exams, Contests and Tests?

Pre-Examination Anxiety

Even if you have studied, your emotions can play strange tricks on you! We always have “emotions”… we live with them… be they positive or negative …

Get to know your emotions from the very outset, turn them around and use them “creatively” in your favour, in order to achieve your desired goals!