Do You Know Your Emotional Profile

Emotional Profile

What is Emotional Profile?

An emotional profile is normally an organised summary of the results obtained from the observation of behaviour or, more often, from the answers people give to a series of questions.

The most common profiles on the market for the main areas of individual and collective interest are in the areas of psychology, education, professional development and sport. Naturally, this also includes those connected with personality.

By summarising the results in graphic diagrams or, more simply, in descriptive accounts, we highlight the individual’s main features and try to identify his or her main strengths and possible areas for improvement.

For a broader overview, involving interviews, questionnaires and various level tests, Empowerment Time uses professional expertise to provide you with emotional profiling that, through just 35 questions, today can identify four potential character profiles for you.

Fill out the questions that we propose to discover your Emotional Profile!

1) Would you like to live in
2) Where do you live ?
3) Which animal attract you the most
4) What's your favorite season ?
5) What kind of colour do you prefer ?
6) What's your immediate reaction to the Green color
7) What's your immediate reaction to the Blue color
8) What's your immediate reaction to the Orange color
9) What's your immediate reaction to the Indigo color
10) What's your immediate reaction to the Yellow color
11) What's your immediate reaction to the Red color
12) What's your immediate reaction to the Violet color
13) Your favorite number is
14) Do you think that Luck exist ?
15) The peace on earth is
16) The Universe is
17) Do you believe in the paranormal ?
18) Do you feel traveller ?
19) Your favorite animal is typically
20) Your blood type is
21) Friendship
22) Friendship between man and woman is
23) The guilt is
24) Success depends on
25) Would you kill for defense ?
26) Playing sport is
27) Watching sport is
28) Choose between
29) Choose between
30) Choose between
31) Choose between
32) Choose between
33) We are alone in the universe
34) The emotions must be controlled
35) It's easy for others people to know me

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