How to Overcome the Fear of Flying with Natural Remedies

Choose this manual to find out How to Overcome the Fear of Flying with natural remedies!

How to overcome the fear of flying : why then, despite being able to rationally distinguish between phobia, fear, anguish, anxiety, panic, fear and thus know their effects, theories and meanings, do their symptoms and effects in general not change?

Mainly because, when it comes to flying, the passenger momentarily has no control or self-sufficiency.

Empowerment Time has developed a special interactive course for this type of phobia, including:

– an 81 page e-book in .pdf format;

– 14 exercises with several photographic illustrations for clear understanding;

– 2 autogenic training exercises;

– 4 useful exercises to learn breathing management;

– 1 exclusive mental role play exercise;

– a 15 minute psycho-physical exercise video.

For many people it is preferable, when possible, to solve a problem with a natural solution, thereby reinforcing their self-esteem. Generally speaking, natural methods are anything that can be used to improve the condition of the human body in a natural way that is available to everyone.

The advantage of these techniques is that once they have been learnt (from a qualified expert), they can be performed by yourself, achieving interesting effects.

To overcome the fear of flying it is advisable to put yourself in the best possible conditions in terms of psychological and physical aspects. Some recommendations and exercises refer to the actual flying time; others can be put into practice just before taking off or at the end of your journey.

fear of flying bookInstructional images and videos, with comments and explanations by the author, will help you achieve your goals!

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You will easily learn how to:

– relax the body parts most prone to tension;

– use the most appropriate breathing techniques;

– become familiar with visual imaging techniques;

– travel peacefully with the help of role play.

You can learn to control your emotional state and you will know how to overcome the fear of flying, experiencing a pleasant feeling of well-being. See previews of Aviophobia and Fear of Flying e-book:



How to Overcome the fear of flying with Natural Remediesovercoming fear of flying

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